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organic SEO solutions for your web site



W e b   D e s i g n   &   S e a r c h   E n g i n e   O p t i m i z a t i o n
internet marketing and search promotional serviceskey phrase research and development:
We find the best primary and sub-phrases to be used in conjunction on your site. Including optimized document titles, descriptions and variations of 'keywords' relating to your field of commerce.

web site solutions and strengthening:
A complete breakdown report on the complete user experience, navigation and user analysis, plus general feedback on design and layout (related to promotion), copy, site and page structure for complete organic optimization. Everything you need to ensure your site is build strong and acceptable to the engines and directories.

competition tracking and analysis:
Would you like to know what your competition is up to? See how they rank against you and why. How you might improve your site and services to compete with their business and hopefully get some of their clientele. It is not illegal and there are no tricks involved... we can research your top five competitors for you to help you get that winning edge and improve your search engine rankings as well.

complete organic optimization:
What is "organic” Search Engine Optimization? It is the process of making website changes in order to rank higher in the world of non-paid listings for the search engine keywords on a long term basis. Achieving a high rank naturally can save you money in search engine Paid Placement advertising, plus gives you a stable web structure for the future. We do recommend PPC (pay per click) programs along with organic optimization, this solely depends on your company's advertising budget.

We are a highly ethical organization and are not about to ruin our reputation (or your business) by using cloaking, keyword spamming and stuffing, backdoor pages, or other non-standard methods of search engine placement. We keep current on what is considered “safe but aggressive” in search engine optimization techniques on a weekly basis.

If you wish to try more aggressive techniques, and are not worried of the risks of potential blacklisting there are plenty of companies out there who specialize in pushing SEO to the edge. But, try the legitimate way first - for a strong future on the web and not to become one of the many banned sites out there that will end up taking you months to repair your good standing in cyber space, if at all to regain your status in the search rankings.

"We have had clients come to us after their site has been banned and unfortunately it usually works out for the best to start over with a new domain name, a very costly proposition just to get a high volume of traffic and instant high rankings. Some clients actually had thousand of visitors to there site monthly for years, to see their site almost grind to a halt with less than one thousand actual visits per month - it is almost unbelievable what can happen by aggressive tweaking or black hat optimization."  B.P. Sysop

search engine submission:
You no longer need it submit your website or web pages to the search engines, in fact if you do it could eventually lead to your website getting banned as well. By adding site maps and robot text to your new or redesigned site you are welcoming the search engine spiders (bots) to your web site. Most sites that are properly optimized are usually found within a few days of going online.

organic tourism promotional services

linking, social networks and ppc campaigns:
Trading links no longer helps with your ranking in the search engines, though if the site you trade with has good traffic it may help you in the long run with new customers. Link pages are no longer necessary and is up to the client as to how they want to be perceived and to whom they want to show association with. If you have good, original or unique content you will receive links - naturally (organically), these type of likes are the best you can have, to bring the right kind of visitors and to strengthen your ranking with the search engines.

Social Networks can be a full time job in it self. Getting good exposure, communicating with your customers and adding new connections, links and sales to your campaigns with Twitter, Facebook, Craig'sList and Google+ (which is on the way out).

PPC (pay per click) campaigns can also be of help to a growing company or one that is having trouble being seen on the web. We can set-up and research the best keyword options and present you with an aggressive but not overly expensive plan to market your site with Google, Yahoo, MSN, Overture and any of the other engines that offer PPC programs to be seen at the top of their rankings pages. PPC is not a solution, it is another piece of the puzzle to help with your online visibility. But together with a strong web presence, occasional PPC campaigns can help to keep you in view of the type of person you want to come to your site.

overview of search engine optimization:
If you build a strong website framework, they will come...

KEY PHRASES: At the heart of any promotion should be the key phrases that the web site will target on the search engines and directories. Everything is planned around these phrases - titles, descriptions, domain names, file names, images, page text and so on. Without a carefully calculated set of phrases, web sites drift in and out of the engines and never achieve decent placements.

PROMOTION: The next most important aspect is promotion is ensuring that the web site is accessible to the search engine spiders. The changing the page structures, optimizing text and page copy, are features to assist in good placement and becoming popular on the web.

EASY NAVIGATION: Ease of navigation around the site is often overlooked. Many sites suffer from poor navigation and site structure, and the result is confused and annoyed customers. If a visitor cannot figure out your website within the first 5 second of the loading of your page, you have lost them. The navigation should make things as easy and fast as possible for visitors, and should not be a hindrance, as is so frequently the case. Having pages in frames are not recommended either, this usually stops search spiders from finding your content as well.

HANDS OFF OPTIMIZATION: Most of our customers like to maintain their own sites, or use a third party developer or webmaster. If necessary we can work in a “hands-off” mode. We will develop a custom set of recommendations, as well as a "cut and paste" toolkit for your team to implement, and give support through the installation process as well as review their optimized final site. The ideal situation will be to allow Pixelfire to re-engineer and optimize the site for maximum impact and efficiency to fully guarantee our work.


W e b  D e s i g n
We have been designing web sites worldwide since 1997, specializing in tourism and travel destinations.web and graphic design studio

You may view our current client's sites here, we also have a listing of previous clients - some of which are no longer on the internet or unfortunately are no longer in business, while others, have taken their sites in new directions. Besides years of experience helping resorts, hotels, restaurants and adventure tour companies, we also have done exceptional work for the real estate and medical communities as well.

Contact us for help with designing of your web presence, company logo or other facets of your foreseen business venture to see if we can be of service to you. You may view our online portfolio to help with further ideas.



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